About us

Established in 2008 by Isabelle Vroom and Olivier Varossieau, Vroom & Varossieau is an international art gallery that specializes in contemporary art, old-school graffiti and emerging art.

Vroom & Varossieau quickly gained recognition in the art scene with their collection of secondary market works as well as their representation of artists. At the conception, the focus of Vroom & Varossieau was on street art, with names such as Banksy and Futura dominating the collection at the gallery. Throughout the years this focus has shifted towards contemporary art and emerging artists, with street art and urban art still at the base of their vision.

Vroom & Varossieau works together with a wide variety of established artists, as well as talented artists that have yet to create a name within the art world. Their collection spans from the street art veterans (e.g. Richard Hambleton, Futura, Banksy, Blade, Kenny Scharf) to the young talents of today. This varied portfolio shows the open mindset of the gallery: you do not have to be perceived as a great artist to be a great artist. Vroom & Varossieau always has its eyes on the future and receives the fresh minds of emerging talent with open arms. This allows the gallery to lead the curve and act as trendsetters within the ever-changing art world, rather than waiting until it is accepted by the mainstream.

Vroom & Varossieau has also established quite a name within the art scene as refined art commissioners, with a fine portfolio of murals and restaurant interiors under their name.
This is where creative placemaking comes to the surface, a process that allows for a more direct and expressive relationship between the audience (or client) and the artist. This process reflects perfectly in Vroom & Varossieau’s principles. Vroom & Varossieau helps in public art projects that link the community to different features of art-making processes, while it also aims to create a sense of property and pride over public spaces which the community itself can share with the artists.

Another service that Vroom & Varossieau provides is advising private collectors in buying and selling works of art (private sales). After being active in the art world for several decades, Vroom & Varossieau has gained an exquisite understanding of the value of artworks and how to acquire certain pieces of art. Therefore, Vroom & Varossieau is more than glad to help in this process and share their experience and knowledge with the world.

The gallery is situated in Zaandam, The Netherlands, but its scope reaches far beyond that. Vroom & Varossieau is present at global art fairs such as KunstRAI, Art Miami, Urban Art Fair Paris, The Moniker Art Fair London, and various other world-renowned fairs. Their international scope allows Vroom & Varossieau Gallery to be placed among the leading galleries in the street art scene as well as the contemporary art world.