Willem Hoeffnagel

Willem Hoeffnagel (Arnhem, 1995) is a painter from the Netherlands. Since an early age he has been interested in drawing and painting, and after leaving a bachelor in Entrepreneurship in Amsterdam he pursued his passion by enrolling in ArtEZ Zwolle to study illustration design.
During this period he started to develop a personal style, while keeping his horizons open by experimenting with new techniques and ideas.

While illustration did not appear to be his strong suit, being consumed with art day-in day-out for 4 years helped him grow as an artist in general. After leaving ArtEZ he started working on his paintings full-time: the medium he loved the most.

The first appearance of his iconic figures took place over a decade ago, and they have not left his canvases ever since. The figures take the place of individuals, either himself or other people, which allows Hoeffnagel to paint a scene without giving away too much of the individual at hand and unnecessarily taking away attention from the painting.

IG: @willemhoeffnagel

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