Loïc Le Floch aka Fenx is a visual artist born and raised in Paris, France in the mid-70s. During his childhood he got involved with cultural movements such as skateboarding and graffiti, and his works contain the emotion, iconography, and cultural aspects from that time.

In his works he questions the viewer on his favourite themes: the relationship between society and women, the trinity of birth, death, and rebirth, and the parts of childhood that remain in all of us. Advocating the discourse allied with the return of the "beautiful", Fenx sticks to a fine tuned way of working that aims to eliminate any visual superfluity which allows the viewer to unconsciously retranscribe the absent elements.

Within a single glance one can easily recognise his work even when he expresses himself in different styles: each having a connection by means of his iconic graphics and colour palettes.

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