Weekend food and art tip: Daalder

The tension surrounding the measures for hospitality businesses has been tight enough for an arrow to reach even the furthest targets, but last week the restaurants got the message that they were allowed to open up again. This was great news for restaurant Daalder, led by patron-cuisinier Dennis Huwaë. Daalder’s menu reaches far and wide with their varied assortment of culinary concepts, and with this they cater to an audience that is just as diverse. And earlier in 2021, they received their much-deserved and highly prestigious Michelin star, putting them in the culinary field as a true force to be reckoned with. 

And not only are their dishes and food plating a work of art, in the restaurant they also show a fine selection of art in their interior, including art by the one and only ELLE.

Now that they are open again, we highly suggest that you pay them a visit and treat yourself and others to a night filled with exquisite food in wonderful space! For more information, check out their Instagram, and while you’re at it, also check out ours too!