Vroom & Varossieau's Artists to Watch in 2022 (Miami Highlights)

Last weekend marked the end of Art Miami 2021. We had our own Olivier on-site in Miami visiting all the events that the people at home could not visit. Olivier did not sit still for a second and visited most of the events that were going on and took many pictures while he was there. After 10 days filled with art and parties, we hereby present a list of our top artists that were present at Art Miami and that we think you should be following and keep an eye out for! Make sure to follow our Instagram page for more updates about current and coming events! 

Mr. Starcity

The first artist that we think you should follow is Mr. Starcity. Brooklyn-born and based out of New York City and Los Angeles, David MrStarCity White has become increasingly recognized for his experimental storytelling through means of figurative painting and poetry. More information about him can be found on the website of woaw gallery.

Willem Hoeffnagel

Willem Hoeffnagel (Arnhem, 1995) is a painter from the Netherlands. Since an early age he has been interested in drawing and painting, and after leaving a bachelor in Entrepreneurship in Amsterdam he pursued his passion by enrolling in ArtEZ Zwolle to study illustration design. During this period he started to develop a personal style, while keeping his horizons open by experimenting with new techniques and ideas. While illustration did not appear to be his strong suit, being consumed with art day-in day-out for 4 years helped him grow as an artist in general. After leaving ArtEZ he started working on his paintings full-time: the medium he loved the most. The first appearance of his iconic figures took place over a decade ago, and they have not left his canvases ever since. The figures take the place of individuals, either himself or other people, which allows Hoeffnagel to paint a scene without giving away too much of the individual at hand and unnecessarily taking away attention from the painting.


Futura was showing at Art Basel with Eric Firestone. They carefully curated a new and fresh body of works that bring back the same energy his works had in the 80's, which was rewarded with them being sold out immediately. It was really good talking to Lenny and Eric and learning about their future plans. We have always loved Futura, but these new works are especially strong! You can inquire by DM for available works by Futura.

Kenny Scharf

Kenny Scharf his works were all over Miami from Art Miami to Art Basel: It's Kenny time! We believe Kenny, as well as Futura, should be in the same game as Keith Haring so they still have a way to go. But if you like their works, now is the time to buy. For available works, you can inquire through DM or email.


Faile has a new exhibition at Wynwood Walls which is nearly sold out. The new body of work is fresh and has a great energy to it. They have mixed the old school Faile style we all came to love with some new collage ideas. It works really well. We already made some clients happy by securing works for them, so if you're interested, then inquire through DM for available work.

Cydne Jasmin Coleby

We met Cydne on the opening night of Unlimited, where she sold out two booths instantly! Cydne is a very lovely female artist from the Bahamas. It was a real pleasure meeting her and we are definitely going to follow her career. You can read more about her on her website.

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