Vroom & Varossieau is bringing David Bruce to Art Miami

Vroom & Varossieau is delighted to announce that we will bring @bruceontherocks to Art Miami later this year (amongst others) 🏝

The French artist David Bruce discovered graffiti at the age of 14 in the suburbs of Paris. Quickly after this he started spraying himself.

His passion for graffiti continues to this day. At the same time the studio became a new playground for expressing himself through paintings and sculptures - still keeping the same vibe of his youth 🏀

We will also bring David’s works to our booth at @artthehague, more information about this will follow soon. Stay tuned for our interview with David next week 👀

Pictured is @bruceontherocks with his work “Lamborghini VS Tiger Dolphin” 🐬🏎