Urban Art Fair 2022 (12-15 May)

In May 2022, Vroom & Varossieau Gallery will return to Urban Art Fair Paris. After a highly successful edition in 2021, Vroom & Varossieau Gallery will once again present a fine selection of well-established artists. Urban Art Fair is the first international fair dedicated to urban art. For 6 years, it stands at Le Carreau du Temple, in the heart of Paris. Urban Art Fair is an established fair showing that owes its success to the requirement of its artistic programming that can be discovered in a friendly atmosphere. This is the unmissable event dedicated to the urban art market. 

This year we will show works by the Brooklyn-based artist Jeremyville, as well as works by the Surinamese Marcel Pinas. While both artists come from wildly different backgrounds, they both share a love for vivid colors that are captivating upon entrance of our booth. The works by Jeremyville are from the series “Streets of Jeremyville”, a growing sidewalk that builds up over time, a pavement populated by Jeremyville characters in various stages of movement, activity, and energy. Pop cultural references from New York City are weaved into each character, such as abstracted sneakers, skateboards, puffer jackets, slogans, and expressions, & fashion directions that Jeremyville wishes were true.