“UNEXPECTED” Solo Show by Fenx in Vroom & Varossieau Gallery

Vroom & Varossieau Gallery is delighted to present the new solo exhibition UNEXPECTED by French artist Loïc le Foch aka FENX, on view from June 26 until August 31, 2022.


One day, Fenx was watching a documentary in which archeologists were discussing the possibility of the human species disappearing overnight. An unlikely scenario, yet one that allows us to speculate on its consequences. If an alien civilization would find our remains, will they be able to know what life on this planet was like? With all the data that is available today due to digitization, it seems near impossible to not have a perfect picture of our lives. But, how can we be sure the data has not been altered and that it is read in the correct manner? 


In the show UNEXPECTED, Fenx reflects on the possibilities of using the incorrect algorithms to decypher the data from the days we are currently living in. He does so by introducing a certain imperfection to his traditional picture-perfect still-life style, similar to the flaws that could come with overexposed camera rolls or corrupted files. A picture of your home,  so overly familiar to you, now a memory distorted by the imperfection of technology, yet creating something uniquely beautiful to you and the world. Fenx brings these “imperfections” to his works by letting his own hands be the “incorrect algorithm”. Angles start to morph, pixels appear to be missing, and colours abruptly shift into other areas of the spectrum, altogether creating a painting that reflects its original memory, yet with parts remaining lost in translation.

The works show the woman of today, with references of yesterday. They advocate for the return of the “beautiful”, a particular kind of pure femininity shown in wonderful and soothing colour palettes.  All the women in his paintings have charisma, an aura that is undeniably cool and effortless. The hidden items that can be seen in the paintings all evoke certain emotions and are jampacked with nostalgia. They reflect on Fenx’ own life and his passion for the items that shaped his childhood, from the iconic Sony Walkman to vintage cameras. UNEXPECTED draws the audience into a world that can either be real or slightly distorted, yet it never fails to leave a real uncompromised impression.