ELLE exhibition at KSR Gallery Nov 4, 6-11pm (Australia)

One of Vroom & Varossieau's artist, ELLE, is returning to Australia for her second solo show. ELLE is an artist from New York, primarily focusing on large scale, collage style, murals. ELLE's show Chaos Theory opens at KSR Gallery 4 NOV 22, 6-11pm. The opening night will feature projections from Nick Azidis whose work has been projected on the Sydney Opera house, and DJing by international musician/DJ Chaii. Further details below.

KSR Gallery is fast becoming the prominent institution for high profile artists with a street art/graffiti background to show their studio works. All of the work for the exhibition is created within KSR Gallery, which is housed in the York Butter Factory (built 1860's).

About Chaos Theory
On the back of her highly successful debut solo show, A SPACE FOR SINNERS - 2019, KSR Gallery is excited to welcome our first returning artist, ELLE. Beginning her career as a graffiti artist in New York over a decade ago, ELLE often scaled billboards and ascended building facades to create 10-metre-high fire extinguisher paintings. ELLE’s prolific use of the fire extinguisher would later inform her well-known collage style of painting, and these elements can be seen in her work today.

Chaos Theory is the exploration of ELLE's origins, and seeks out moments of beauty and expands on minimal and abstract elements to form a new perspective. Interesting and striking moments of the painting process can often be covered by the planned elements of the work taking priority. This is especially prevalent in client-focused mural work. During her KSR Gallery Residency ELLE strips back her process to reveal these moments and highlights them in an abstract expression, leaving the viewer to experience the intentional chaos in ELLE’s work.

About KSR Gallery History

Prominent street art and fine art muralist Cam Scale was commissioned to paint a portrait of Lorenz’s grandfather, and shortly thereafter a mural on the Grollo Group boardroom wall.Over the course of these very personal projects, the concept of the King Street Revival (KSR) artist residency emerged. Lorenz Grollo, a patron of street art, has long-held the belief it is essential to imbue the heart of Melbourne City with the expression and meaning that art facilitates.