Jordi Alós Interview

Jordi Alós (1993) is a Mexican artist who works from his studio in Mexico city. He studied advertising and design at the Institute of Marketing and Advertising, where he discovered that the limits of "what can be" and "has to be" gave space for human expression.
His works exist in the realm of both realism and art brut, and oftentimes Jordi combines elements from both worlds in his works. 

In 2022, Vroom & Varossieau will represent Jordi Alós at Art The Hague. Specifically, we will show a great selection of works from the Machangos series. If you are interested in any of the works by Jordi, send us an email at

Hi Jordi, first of all, how are you and what have you been up to?

Jordi: Hi V&V! Well, a little bit of everything. Painting, shipping, traveling and earthquakes.  I am now in Mexico City. Here I have my studio and home.

Recently, you started a new series called "Machangos". How did these characters first come to life?

Jordi: These “Machangos” come to life in 2015. I picked up this series recently a couple of years ago.  And they have been gaining strength. It really amuses me that they appear in my paintings. The name and meaning of this word comes from America and is widely used in the Canary Islands. Hence I adopted this peculiar word.

You describe your art as "Art Brut". What does this term mean to you?

Jordi: To me, Art Brut is a term that means that I am not so much concerned with aesthetics, but rather try to make my creations take shape. They are born from my emotions, from the moments we live: shortcomings, luxuries, love, eroticism, fashion, exaggeration, sarcasm, moments of impulses and frustrations that have happened to many of us. The Machangos stand for daring to be ourselves, as we are.

In your works we often see realism intertwine with your characters. How do you find a balance between these styles and where do you draw this inspiration from?

Jordi: Inspiration comes from everywhere. Images from the photographs I shoot, the Internet, my family, my girlfriend, the past, the future. Inspiration comes and goes. I don't know exactly how it works, but it comes from deep inside me and from what surrounds me.

You will be part of the Vroom & Varossieau booth at Art The Hague. What can the visitors expect?

Jordi: It is a great honor for me to present my work to you, it is practically a dream. And they can't wait for that part that we all carry inside, that Machango that wants to come out and be himself. To get out of the ordinary and to enter other realities with the Machangos.

They can expect fun, and above all a small part of the art of my Mexico in Holland.

It was great to sit down with Jordi and talk about his inspirations and what the future holds. If you are interested in the works by Jordi, email us at or DM us on Instagram and we will provide you with the available works.

Art The Hague will take place from 5 to 9 October. More information can be found on their website. We will present the works by Jordi alongside works by David Bruce, Loic le Floch, and David Spiller.