De Bajes Amsterdam



“ We are the very first Street Art restaurant in Europe. The world's most famous street artists have used our imposing walls as their canvas. Everyone can come to us for an extensive dinner, cocktails, bar food and we have a varied program every weekend to party all night long.” - De Bajes

When serial entrepreneur Sven Toering was finishing his studies at Vroom & Varossieau in 2011, the idea to create an absolutely unmissable Street Art bar and restaurant in Amsterdam was born. It took a few years and 4 other bars, but at the end of 2016 Olivier Varossieau got the call..."We got walls!"

Picture by Peter Baas, art by The London Police

Picture by Peter Baas, art by The London PolicePicture by Peter Baas, art by D*Face (left) and Ben Eine (right)BladePicture by Peter Baas, art by FanakapanPicture by NCO Photography